The Spring Glow Up

There is a lot of information flooding the media regarding food and nutrition that examines what you should eat and how you should eat it. Honestly, sometimes it feels that every day brings a new health trend or diet that is getting pushed onto consumers to follow. But, what do we really need to be eating and why is it important to consider food and health for our present and our future?


At Grounds & Greens this month, we introduced our new bowl to celebrate all the beautiful veggies and whole grains as we enter into this spring season. Plus, we have collaborated with our friends at Essence of L to truly enhance a dish in the name of nutrition and gut health. Welcome to the Spring Glow Up Bowl.

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You might all remember the Glow Up bowl we introduced in the fall last year, with beautiful winter veg being the true star of the dish. This time, we have completely decked out the bowl with bright spring ingredients that were hand picked by our friend and nutritionist Teagan Dixon at Essence of L. However, the true inspiration and flavour combination came from the brilliant mind of Grounds & Greens owner and head chef, Mannel Kilford. With miso roasted spring vegetables like radish, daikon and mushrooms, along with steamed lentils, creamy polenta, and a spinach arugula salad, it is a truly colour rich dish perfect to launch you into spring.


Not only that, we also wanted to add an extra level of excellence to the dish by ensuring all the ingredients were supportive towards gut and digestive health. “I feel that a lot of people are under educated on how to properly feed themselves with the right nutrients” says Teagan. “I mean farming practices have changed so much in our society that a lot of our food have lost the nutrients we actually require.”


“I find to that people are looking for that quick fix.” Supplements have become a new norm for how people are receiving the majority of their vitamins and nutrients. Although there are benefits to that form of health monitoring, we have to remember that not all our problems are going to be fixed by replacing food with pills. “It is easy to just get a supplement from your doctor instead of addressing the underlying issue. Sometimes it’s better to look to food to receive those nutrients naturally.”


The food you eat is crucial to having a successful gut and digestive health. “I think that one of the biggest things to remember is quality protein, quality fat and getting a variety of fruits and vegetables to feed all those healthy bacteria in your gut.” When you have digestive issues especially, it is important to look at the food you are eating and consider how they might be affecting your health. “Ask the questions, why is that happening to me, what am I eating and how is it affecting my body.” Looking at the full picture, instead of ignoring your body’s reaction or trying to find a quick fix, is essential to glowing up your health.


We are so excited to introduce this new limited edition bowl to our menu for the spring. With all the incredible health benefits and incredible flavour combinations, it is a perfect example of how we are pushing the envelop of elevated plant based food at Grounds & Greens. Make sure to try it during your next visit and remember to fill out your punch card, with every 5 bowls purchased, receive a $50 discount on your next treatment at Essence of L.